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“We appreciated Dr. Sutherland clearly discussing financial options from the first appointment and the generous opportunity to wear the aids before deciding on the purchase.”

My husband resisted the hearing exam appointment and yet he knew there were words he was missing. It was our good fortune to be paired with Dr. Alan Sutherland. The first exam is a fascinating blend of sounds and computer images with state of the art technology at work. Yes, Dr. Sutherland reported, he would benefit from hearing aids. Gently, kindly, expertly, Dr. Sutherland began the process of creating the hearing aids. It is a multiple step technique and we returned for a fitting and instruction. It is both easy and complicated to adjust to hearing aids – easy to slip into the ear, more complex to understand daily use and maintenance. Dr. Sutherland coached my husband patiently, explaining mechanics and answering questions.

It does take time to adjust and we have relied on Dr. Sutherland for guidance. Nice to note that by our third visit we felt like old friends, sharing a laugh and a story or two. How long did it take my guy to decide? About ten minutes! In the car on the way home he turned to me and happily stated, “And I waited years to do this!” He hears me easily now – no more, “What?”