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“I’m enjoying conversation and music more than ever… thanks to Dr. Lezotte!”

It was my life-long friend Monsignor Halfpenny, pastor of St. Paul’s, Grosse Pointe Farms, who suggested my coming for a hearing test. ‘Is it me,’ I asked one day, ‘who finds it so difficult to hear at meetings?’ Monsignor Halfpenny replied, “why not go see Dr. Lezotte for a hearing test,” reminding me that I frequently respond to his comments from across the room with, ‘I beg your pardon?’…or a ‘huh?’ The hearing test showed a “drop-off” in the mid-range of audible sounds and difficulty distinguishing consonants at the beginning and end of words. Dr. Lezotte recommended corrective devices for each ear. They are practically invisible. I’m glad I didn’t simply attribute my problem to “the aging process” like many in their mid 60’s, because hearing well is important at any stage of life. It took a friend to give me valuable feedback!