I highly recommend Grosse Pointe Audiology to anyone searching for the best possible medical care.

I would like to extend my sincere thanks to Dr. Lezotte for her continued support and care.  She is such a dedicated professional.  Every time I am in her office, I feel my needs and concerns are listened to and respected.  Dr. Lezotte is always prepared to explain all of my options and to offer her best advice.  In addition, she makes it clear that the option to change course is always available.  I very much appreciate Dr. Lezotte’s continued efforts on my behalf. I would also like to thank Michelle and Julie, your office staffers.  They are very friendly and polite; at the same time, they maintain the highest standards of professionalism.  In any office the staff creates the first impression for a patient.  They are always helpful, welcoming, and pleasant. I highly recommend Grosse Pointe Audiology to anyone searching for the best possible medical care.

- Nancy, Ira Township

I have a significant hearing loss that is getting worse over the years.  Dr. Lezotte and her wonderful staff have assisted me in choosing hearing aids and keeping them working.  Grosse Pointe Audiology is always knowledgeable, smiling and helpful.  No matter the problem they make time to see me and fix whatever is wrong.  My husband also has been a patient for the past 10 years.  We highly recommend Grosse Pointe Audiology.

Richard & Cheryl, Grosse Pointe Park
“I’m enjoying conversation and music more than ever… thanks to Dr. Lezotte!”

It was my life-long friend Monsignor Halfpenny, pastor of St. Paul’s, Grosse Pointe Farms, who suggested my coming for a hearing test. ‘Is it me,’ I asked one day, ‘who finds it so difficult to hear at meetings?’ Monsignor Halfpenny replied, “why not go see Dr. Lezotte for a hearing test,” reminding me that I frequently respond to his comments from across the room with, ‘I beg your pardon?’…or a ‘huh?’ The hearing test showed a “drop-off” in the mid-range of audible sounds and difficulty distinguishing consonants at the beginning and end of words. Dr. Lezotte recommended corrective devices for each ear. They are practically invisible. I’m glad I didn’t simply attribute my problem to “the aging process” like many in their mid 60’s, because hearing well is important at any stage of life. It took a friend to give me valuable feedback!

- Bishop Hanchon, Detroit

I have had moderate to severe hearing loss for probably 30 years, accompanied by Tinnitus. Grosse Pointe Audiology evaluated my situation and fitted two hearing aids. I can not say how pleased I am with the results. I am now able to hear clearly in restaurants and crowded environments, something I struggled with for years. I am also able to understand dialogue on T.V., something I used to rely on subtitles to do. I also am now able to appreciate music so much better, experience the entire spectrum of sound, including lyrics. This has truly been a life changing experience for me and I can’t thank Dr. Behnke and the entire staff enough!

Peter Z., Grosse Pointe Woods
Wonderful experience, professional and thorough evaluation.  Excellent service.  I would recommend G.P. Audiology to anyone.  Life changing experience.  Thank you!
- Sam N., Harrison Township
I trust my ears to the professionals at Grosse Pointe Audiology.  Dr. Lezotte and staff are very knowledgeable about the latest trends and where the industry is headed while offering a great selection of products and the best customer service.  I’ve been a patient since 2003 and I’ve never considered going anywhere else!
- Willie, Detroit
“The staff at Grosse Pointe Audiology are wonderful to work with and very patient.”

“It has been a glorifying experience to be able to hear more clearly again thanks to Dr. Lezotte. Monsignor Halfpenny and the whole staff at St. Paul on the Lake are so happy that they no longer have to speak loudly or repeat themselves when talking to me. It’s really a whole new world for me.”

- Deacon Rich, Grosse Pointe Woods
I was recommended by a close friend to go to GP Audiology.  The entire staff is friendly, professional and knowledgeable.  I highly recommend this office.
- Jacqueline L., Grosse Pointe
“We rate Grosse Pointe Audiology a 10!”

My wife and I both wear hearing aids and we met Dr. Lezotte when she was working at Henry Ford Hospital Audiology Dept. When she moved to Grosse Pointe, we were elated as she was five minutes from our home. She serviced both of us for several years with up-to-date information on hearing aids and maintaining the hearings aids we have, never “pushing” us to buy new hearing aids. Then we moved 45 minutes away from Grosse Pointe and contemplated looking for a new audiologist. However, due to the excellent service she provides, we continue to make the journey across town to see her. We could not be more pleased with the consideration, attention and dedication we receive from Dr. Lezotte and her staff.

- John S., Northville
“I would definitely recommend Grosse Pointe Audiology.”

The patience, kind and professional service has been a pleasant experience. No matter how many times we needed to come back, Dr. Sutherland never showed impatience.

- Rochelle, Detroit
“All the employees were very friendly.”

My first visit to Grosse Pointe Audiology was very pleasant. Dr. Lezotte did a complete exam to determine what hearing aid would be best for me and would be covered by my insurance so I wouldn’t have any out of pocket expenses. She was very good at explaining everything I needed to know, so when I left, all I had to do was schedule my next appointment. This is my second year with Grosse Pointe Audiology and I’m so glad I found such an excellent doctor.

- Dorothy, Detroit
“I would highly recommend you to anyone.”

I was so dissatisfied with a different office I purchased hearing aids from. I feel I found a new home for my hearing aids and am grateful I found you.

- Kathy, Grosse Pointe Shores

My husband had a bad experience at another hearing aid place and it took me three years to convince him to come with me to have his hearing checked. Dr. Lezotte helped him to understand that he was in need of hearing aids. Grosse Pointe Audiology not only helps you with your hearing, but they make you feel like you’re party of a family. It’s a wonderful place to go.

- Eleanor, Clinton Twp

I am very very happy with this practice. I recommended my mother-in-law to come here and I would recommend anyone to come here. The long drive here is worth it; I’m being taken care of.

- Raffaello, Dearborn Heights

“I’d like to thank Dr. Lezotte for all her services and compassion towards her patients. I found her a very knowledgeable audiologist.”

- Josephina, Shelby Twp

Grosse Pointe Audiology is very helpful and caring. I recommend Grosse Pointe Audiology highly to anyone who wants hearing aids.

- Jean, Grosse Pointe Woods
“Your smiles, talents, patience, and forever kindness are rare. You are appreciated. Hearing is a bonus, too!”

“My life has been changed because of your on-going help and continued investigation for the tinnitus I have had in my right ear since May of 1965. For decades no one took it seriously and said, “your hearing is fine.” When I sought the advice of Grosse Pointe Audiology, I found the help I needed. They understood and worked tirelessly to find the best solution to help me. There was absolutely no pressure to purchase anything; improving my hearing was their goal. Every day of the year is the season of giving at Grosse Pointe Audiology.

- Mary Marie, Grosse Pointe Park
“Coming to your office is like visiting friends!”

I did have an incredible experience at your friendly office. Not only did we get to know a great group of women, my hearing has improved 100%. Everyone at your office has always been so helpful and generous with their time whenever we stopped in with any questions. Thank you.

- Isabell, Grosse Pointe Woods
“Service was perfect.”

I would like to thank you for the way I was treated since coming to your company. Every time I had a problem it was addressed promptly. In all dealings with this practice I could not be more satisfied. I thank you for making me feel so at ease.

- Philip, Grosse Pointe Woods
This was a pleasant and rewarding experience for all the family.

Our mother, 94 yrs., finally consented to trying a hearing aid. The staff and doctors at Grosse Pointe Audiology were so very patient with our mom’s concerns and questions. At last she is delighted to handle her aids without assistance. We no longer yell at her but carry on normal conversation.

- Judith, Grosse Pointe Shores
“We appreciated Dr. Sutherland clearly discussing financial options from the first appointment and the generous opportunity to wear the aids before deciding on the purchase.”

My husband resisted the hearing exam appointment and yet he knew there were words he was missing. It was our good fortune to be paired with Dr. Alan Sutherland. The first exam is a fascinating blend of sounds and computer images with state of the art technology at work. Yes, Dr. Sutherland reported, he would benefit from hearing aids. Gently, kindly, expertly, Dr. Sutherland began the process of creating the hearing aids. It is a multiple step technique and we returned for a fitting and instruction. It is both easy and complicated to adjust to hearing aids – easy to slip into the ear, more complex to understand daily use and maintenance. Dr. Sutherland coached my husband patiently, explaining mechanics and answering questions.

It does take time to adjust and we have relied on Dr. Sutherland for guidance. Nice to note that by our third visit we felt like old friends, sharing a laugh and a story or two. How long did it take my guy to decide? About ten minutes! In the car on the way home he turned to me and happily stated, “And I waited years to do this!” He hears me easily now – no more, “What?”

- Beverly, Marine City
“I recommend Grosse Pointe Audiology.”

I have profound hearing loss and depend on hearing aids in both ears to function each day. I applaud Dr. Lezotte and Grosse Pointe Audiology for their stellar code of ethics and wonderful and caring service. I know Dr. Lezotte would never prescribe hearing aids to a person unless she really believed the aids would help a person’s hearing.

- Marcia, Grosse Pointe Farms
“My doctor is Dr. Stefanie Behnke; she is the greatest!”

From the moment the phone was answered it was (and still is) a great experience. This office is one of the most caring, knowledgeable and understanding. The office manager is very helpful and kind. I would recommend anyone who has a hearing problem to those kind people!

- Donna, Clinton Township
I talk up Grosse Pointe Audiology every opportunity I get!

I was referred to Grosse Pointe Audiology by a friend, who was also a retired speech teacher and audiologist having served the Grosse Pointe schools for forty plus years. She had gone to a presentation given by Dr. Lezotte and was highly impressed. I could not be more pleased with the professionalism, efficiency, kindness and knowledge of their staff. I purchased their state-of-the-art hearing aids and adjusted to them beautifully. I appreciate their six month follow up policy, their birthday “perks,” their informative newsletter and the flowers they sent to my friend for the referral.

- Bonnie, Grosse Pointe Farms

I suffered a severe hearing loss due to a childhood illness. Fortunately for me my hearing improved as I got older, but no way near normal. As I got older, my hearing started to decline once again where it became a serious problem. I decided it was time to seek out professional help. This is about the time Dr. Lezotte relocated her practice to its present location in Grosse Pointe Woods. I have been her patient for over twelve years. The reason for my continued association with Dr. Lezotte is close attention to detail, her vast knowledge about the latest technology that is available, her ability to make me feel that I am her most important patient, she never rushes my appointment and takes the time to answer any and all of my questions. I can very highly recommend her to any and all who may have a concern about a hearing problem.

-C.H.R., Grosse Pointe Woods

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